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How far away do I plant my tree?

I haven't actually bought the tree yet. I'm thinking about buying one of the following trees: a) autumn cherry; b) white dogwood; c) red dogwood; d) okame flowering cherry; e) red rocket crape myrtle; or f) scarlet red maple. I want to plant it near the back rear corner of my house. How far away should I plant the tree so there won't be any foundation problems or the tree looking funky because the corner of the house is shaping it?

How far away do I plant my tree?
Most of those trees will get about 15'-20' diameter when mature. I'd go at least 10' away from the house. Consult your local nurseryman when purchasing the tree for accurate dimensions on planting.
Reply:every tree is different, need to consider the size it will become, how the roots grow and whether or not the roots will be drawn to your water/sewer lines, some trees have caused costly damage because the tree was put where it shouldn't be .. on something like this i would be sure before i plant
Reply:At least 4-5 yards away. The farther the better. Other things to think about is plumbing, water, and light.

If you plant it too close not only does it cause constant foundation problems but plumbing too. The roots will break through your pipes and cause blocking and damage.
Reply:A dogwood tree can be planted closer to the fence than a cherry tree. I personally would look at the length of the branches of a full grown tree and plant it that distance away from the fence. You don't want the majority of the tree going into your neighbours yard or the branches hitting the corner of your house/roof. You would be forever pruning it then.
Reply:It really doesn't matter if you prune the tree actively.

I mean some Japanese people have no problem with their trees because they only get two feet tall.

You failed to state what you wanted the trees for. You failed to state your land's dimensions. You failed to state your idea of what a foundation problem is, or what kind of foundation you have. With all this missing data, who could tell?

You failed to state if you will be building additions. Of course, who knows I suppose.

Trees take a very long time to grow. Trees can be moved (sometimes). Trees look different in comparison to the house at different times in their life cycle. Houses also move as they as added to.

I'd move the house.

The best rule of thumb is to keep it away from the house as far as is practical (for your intended use). IE: form follows function. Perhaps if you cannot afford to rebuild a basement foundation you cannot afford the tree you want.

One must also have a dry basement with no water leaks coming or going from it as this will in some locations draw the tree roots farther than normal towards the house.

If water leaks develop later they might draw the roots in too. So there really is no telling.

My wife put a tree "too close" to the house. I was a tad unhappy with it. But the basement really needed to go. There were leaks pouring water into the basement. She was right; I was wrong. The tree might have saved our marriage; had it only grown fast enough...
Reply:enough it can grow i would say about 3-4 feet
Reply:A general rule of thumb with trees....the roots will achieve the same diameter as the branches.... So, when your tree is mature and the branches will span about 12 feet, so will the roots...
Reply:when planting trees: you have to consider the root base at a mature level of the tree. It also depends on the where you want the shade to be in your yard, along with any property lines that my create any issues with neighbors. many things to consider for short term and long term. so before you buy know the chraracteristics of the trees you want and it will give you a more specific idea on where to plant and how far to plant. have a great day.

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