Monday, November 16, 2009

Can I plant crape myrtles now?

Is it still okay to plant crape myrtles, I've heard that fall is a good time to plant? I live in Delaware in Zone 5 and want to plant several down my property line.

Can I plant crape myrtles now?
Great answers! Be sure when planting to give them good drinks of root stimulator -- fertilome makes a product I have used with great success. And just to cover your assets, take cuttings to root in water for planting in spring. Yep, they'll root in water. Strip lower leaves so they don't rot in the water, watch for roots and new leaf growth.
Reply:yes its a good time.. just make sure you give it extra water until the rain starts.. i have many and they are thriving..
Reply:Do it now before it gets too cold.
Reply:Fall is one of the best times to plant trees and shrubs.

Make sure you do it at least a few weeks before the first frost and water it frequently for the first 2 weeks.
Reply:yes, like some other people said, fall is an excellent time of year to plant shrubs and bushes, the only other advise I would say, is make sure the root ball of the bush is planted deep enough, so created a hole in the ground to allow for six inches around the root ball, add fertilizer into the ground before you put the plant into it, put the shrub in, put all soil back in and then put down some mulch, shredded hard wood best,, about an inch or more thick over the base of the shrub. Definitely, water daily for a week, at night is the best time to water; and after a rain is the best time to plant, be sure of course to check for lighting conditions. Delaware is like Virginia in that area.

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