Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 12 yr. old crape myrtle didn't bloom much this year. any ideas?

my 12 year old natches crape mrytle put on quite a show last year and the year before. This year,in coastal NC, it didn't bloom very much and the blooms didn't last long while it was blooming. Didn't do anything different to it and it doesn't appear to have a diesease. I did water it at the base with a drip hose when our water table dropped and many other trees started suffering from the drought. I didn't water it much or for many days. Just watered it deep two times. Any ideas what could be wrong?

My 12 yr. old crape myrtle didn't bloom much this year. any ideas?
I attached a page that may give you some advice but I found this note on it....."Flowering is enhanced, however, if plants are watered during dry periods that occur during the flowering season." That may explain what happened this year with your crepe myrtle.

I hope the reference helps.
Reply:Crepes only bloom on new growth. Time for pruning?
Reply:Perhaps the soil has lost a great deal of it's nutrients?

Have you tried any fertilizers?

Maybe that sounds like a ridiculous question, but since crops are often rotated, perhaps this will help.

Good luck!
Reply:We have several crepe myrtles and here in the midlands of SC we had some late spring cold that affected both our crepe myrtles and dogwoods. Don't know if ya'll had a late cold, but that may have done it. And also, it is a good idea to do some heavy pruning sometimes to encourage more flowering.

good luck

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