Saturday, November 14, 2009

Question about new crape myrtle trees?

I just planted (2) and want them to grow into privacy trees over a wooden fence in my back yard. They both have two trunks each and I tied the trunks together with string to get them to grow together. Is this a good idea or do I need to remove the strings and let the two trunks grow naturally? I really want them to bush out on the top and fill in some space. Thanks for any information.

Question about new crape myrtle trees?
They should not rub togeterhas this could injure the tree and be an entry way to disease. I would recomend untieing them. This will also alow the trees to grow naturally with there nice spread ing pattern as the trunks get heavy with seed after the blooming period. Two trunks will get fairly large if you prune all ground suckers. These are easy to grow and do well in most warm climates.

What kind of Crepe did you get, Bashams party pink and Natchez grow quickly and fill out nicely. Other varieties would also work well. I like the smaller 10-12' red varieties for my hedges. While I use Pinks and whites as feature/shade trees.
Reply:Untie the trunks. They will not grow "together". Let them go!!!

Fertilize with Miracle Grow and "do not" trim them back in the early spring. I have three that range in size from 20ft to 35 ft high. They are too high to trim back. Great for shading the house.

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